Social Welfare Reforms in Europe - Challenges and Strategies in Continental and Southern Europe

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Speaking of social welfare in Europe now signifies speaking of reforms.
This issue follows up on the analyses previously published by the Revue Française des Affaires Sociales of the Welfare State reforms in the EU countries since the ’90s, this time by addressing Continental and Southern European Welfare States.

The first part examines the economic, political and social dynamics at work in the recent reforms. It also sheds light upon the edification of a Social Europe and the role played by the European treaties in the evolution of welfare systems.

Two particular aspects of these reforms are then developed :

- the issues constituted by gender equality in both the labour market and in family life for Social Welfare systems and the future thereof. A comparison of the situations in Europe and the United States underlines the particular importance of these questions.

- the justification and the effects of the retirement system reforms implemented by the Southern European countries where the population’s aging is more rapid and more marked than in other European countries ; their experience holds great educational value.

Social Welfare Reforms in Europe - Challenges and Strategies in Continental and Southern Europe

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- Presentation of the issue : What are the Challenges for Social Welfare Reformsin Continental and Southern Europe ?

Olivier Thévenon

Dynamiques économiques, politiques et sociales

- Welfare State Reform in Continental and Southern Europe. An Overview of Challenges and Strategies

Peter Whiteford

- The Politics of Reforms in Bismarckian Welfare Systems

Bruno Palier

- The Model of Social Protection in Southern Europe. Enduring Characteristics ?

Luis Moreno

- Social Assistance Policies and Decentralizationin the Countries of Southern Europe

Chiara Saraceno

- The Balance Between Economic and Social Objectivesin the European Treaties

Olivier De Schutter

L’égalité des sexes : un enjeu pour les réformes

- What Instruments to Foster What Kind of Gender Equality ? The Problem of Gendered Inequalities in the Division of Paid and Unpaid Work

Jane Lewis

- Welfare Regimes in Relation to Paid Work and Care. A View from the United States on Social Protectionin the European Countries

Janet C. Gornick et Marcia K. Meyers

- Balancing Employment and Family Responsibilities in Southern Europe. Trends and Challenges for Social Policy Reform
María José González

Les retraites dans les pays de l’Europe du Sud

- Southern Europe and Pension Reform. A Common Socio-Economic Context, but Diverse Policy Responses

Laurent Caussat

- Pension Reforms in Italy.Principles and Consequences

Angelo Marano

- Presentation of the Recent Retirement Reformsin Portugal. A Structural Reform ?
Carlos Manuel Pereira da Silva,Sara Sofia Vaz-Paralta et Sónia Marcos